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Information for NPC's

TerraX Logo3 miniYou can be a NPC at Terra X from16 years and up. If you have no experience being a NPC, your classified with more experienced NPC's, so you will not immediately be lost in the woods. Read on for more information.


More information about npc's
Teaser 1 - Meeting between Boi and Greher


TerraX Logo3 miniGreher boi1Boï, the queen of dwarves heaved a heavy sigh. Wizards...

She despised them and yet she was afraid of them. In that order. And after that she despised herself, for being afraid of such a glib conniver. Then she wondered what it was that caused her fear. By the time she realised that it was the fact that a wizard, unlike her, wouldn't waste his time despising and fearing and despising and wondering, but would rather use his time well by observing and analysing his opponent and thereby pinning them in a corner before the conversation had even started – by the time Boï realised that - it'd be too late and she'd be quite pinned already. It was enough to drive you insane.

Boï herself did, of course, employ several wizards amongst her Savants, but they were of the ordinary type of wizards. There was no need whatsoever to fear them. The one who requested an audience now, however, was none other than the legendary Arch-druïde Greher. Possibly the greatest magician now living. Read on...

...She sighed again. 'Let him in,' she told the slave who'd announced the visitor
Terra X - New Dutch LARP event
Terra X English translation

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Terra X LARP event will take place from the 27th of may the 29th. The Terra X experience should be one of a unique medieval fantasy world, where many elements come to life. Be a part of this as a player or a NPC! Read on for more information about prices, location, enz.


Read on for more information about prices, location, enz.
Terra X Religions

TerraX Logo3 minioldbooksHere you will find information, remarks and examples of religions of the world in which Terra X takes place to help players to create a character that is as complete as possible. For many people in our own world, religion is an important part of their lives; it's been that way for ages. And it's also the case here in the dangerous and uncertain world of Terra X! Read on to know more about the religions of Terra X.

Religions Terra X
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